EiSeiNG service for continuous
air quality control.
Sample, Analyze, Act.

Nippon Gases Pharma:
Your safety is our priority!

We are proud to present our EiSeiNG service, designed for continuous air quality control.
Our commitment is to ensure the health and safety of operators and patients. We provide comprehensive consultancy and support for continuous air quality control and validation of controlled contamination environments, ensuring compliance with current regulations. These regulations include Legislative Decree 81/08 81/08, which prescribes measures for the protection of workers’ health and safety, and the standards UNI EN ISO 14644-1:2016, ISPESL, UNI 11425:2011, and UNI EN 17141:2021.

Your safety is our main goal, and Nippon Gases Pharma is here to help you achieve it.


In a world where quality and safety are increasingly important, our EiSeiNG service provides comprehensive control over air quality in healthcare environments. Hospital environments require special attention, and with EiSeiNG, we ensure the highest quality in:
• Pathological Anatomy
• Operating Rooms/Clean Rooms
• Pharmacy/UFA
• Emergency Department
• Patient Wards

The EiSeiNG service unfolds in three key phases:

  1. Continuous Monitoring and Risk Assessment
    We constantly analyze concentrations of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and PM (Particulate Matter) in work environments to promptly identify potential risk situations.
  2. Sampling and Analysis
    We sample and analyze pollutants (PM, VOCs, solvents, anesthetic gases), providing detailed reports on exposure levels compared to reference values.
  3. Technical and Procedural Improvements
    We implement tailor-made solutions to minimize exposure, ensuring the highest air quality and preventing microbiological contaminations.


We present a concrete example: the Pathological Anatomy laboratory of a public hospital in Northern Italy.
Thanks to the EiSeiNG service, we monitored and significantly reduced exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and solvents.
We adhere to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, which classify air quality based on VOC concentrations.

Here are the results



Comparison of days of the week – percentage difference
Comparison of days of the week – percentage difference

VOC_avg: Average tVOC concentration during the period 8.30-17.00
VOC_max: Maximum tVOC concentration during the period 8.30-17.00
(N.B. MAX value less than 5 minutes)

The results of our intervention with EiSeiNG demonstrate a significant reduction in VOC values, improving air quality and ensuring the safety of workers.

Your health and safety are our priority.
Nippon Gases Pharma is by your side to ensure the highest quality and safety in healthcare environments.

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